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Forecast came false

Is Trump's Latest $100 Billion Tariff Threat Just Another Head Fake?

President Trump threatened another round of tariffs Thursday, saying he wanted to impose $100 billion more in tariffs on imported Chinese goods. The announcement sent Dow futures tumbling roughly 400 points.

Trying to get a read on where this trade war is heading is almost impossible. The stock market has been whipsawing back and forth as threats of tariffs get followed up with more threats of tariffs, while the White House tries to moderate reactions on all sides. Just yesterday, China threatened the U.S. with $50 billion in tariffs, which sent the market plunging only to claw all the way back and then some after Larry Kudlow went on TV and tried to dispel the notion of a trade war. Now, Trump threatens another $100 billion in tariffs and the futures market is dropping again.

Is this going to be another instance of the markets dropping only to recover once the folks in Washington try to explain that this isn't as big of a deal as it seems? Vote and comment down below!

Is Trump's Latest $100 Billion Tariff Threat Just Another Head Fake?

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Forecast came false

Stocks remained down on Friday, although they're recovering nicely on Monday.

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