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Forecast came false

VOTE: Will The June WTI Crude Oil Contract Go To $0?

After an historic plunge to below -$40 a barrel, the May crude oil futures contract did something we've never seen before.

Attention now turns to the June contract, which could be in the same predicament. The May contract was hung out to dry by the perfect storm of record crude inventories and virtually zero demand for fuel.

If macro conditions don't change in the next two weeks, do you think the June crude oil futures contract will eventually go to $0 as well?

Agree: Oil will go to $0 or below.

Disagree: Oil will stay in positive territory.

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VOTE: Will The June WTI Crude Oil Contract Go To $0?

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Forecast came false

Oil didn't come anywhere near $0. This didn't really even show up on the radar.

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